Imagine you’re out with friends having some drinks and a good time at your favorite watering hole. The end of the night comes and it’s time to go so you do the responsible thing and call a rideshare service to get you home safely. The driver arrives, you jump in the car, and down the road you go. After you realize you’re not taking the usual route home you ask why and he explains that he knows a short cut. Suddenly the car stops on a deserted street corner and the driver whips around violently and points a gun in your face. You are now his and what you thought was going to be a safe ride home has now turned into a rideshare to hell that drags you kicking and screaming into the horrifying world of sex slavery, organ harvesting, torture, rape, and murder. The sick, twisted, gang of demented freaks who run this gruesome operation can only be called one thing: UBEREVIL!


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